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Welcome to LUXBAR!

LUXBAR Inspired by the work of Adolf Loos whose "American Bar" was designed and built in early twentieth century Vienna.

The bar captured an elegance in simplicity; a style that greatly influenced the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and other American architects in the "prairie school". Stone, glass, brass and wood bathed in natural light, presence in the neighborhood is welcomed and profound. This is a special place by design.


LUXBAR as a neighborhood saloon is designed to convey that same simple elegance. The food is feel good fresh, natural and easily understood. Artisanal in style, the menu reflects what the partnership views as an accessible cornucopia of what you might eat on just any occasion. The specialty cocktails are from natural, fresh ingredients: simple elegance.


The staff at LUXBAR is trained in the customer care philosophy that has made Gibsons Steakhouse and Hugo's Frog Bar and Fish House famous for legendary service. Not just another tavern, our customer will not feel like just another patron. Our customers will feel better for having stopped at the LUXBAR.


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